Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Nursery Begins

Kathryn, Michael and I got to Miami earlier than expected and had plenty of time to set up our show at Aqua Art. Nothing was broken because Mike and I drove like old women from New York to Miami stopping in Virginia to have Thanksgiving dinner with his family. 

Setting up was quite an ordeal for this setup. The Nursery is not a traditional setup so it wasn't like we rolled in and hung work. We had to paint walls, install shelving and place furniture throughout the space.  

These are large cutouts of our Hellos of the World children. Some of them have been placed in our space-others around town. 

The most important part of our show is still the artwork. Michael and I had a huge amount of art to hang and were still finished hanging this show an entire day before the fare is starting. 
Come see the blog tomorrow to look at images of The Nursery all set up.   

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